Sanctuary Magazine – A Knotty Issue: Responsibly Sourced Timber

Just about every building project uses timber. While it’s a renewable resource, its harvesting is often associated with deforestation practices that are harmful to the environment. We look at the current state of sustainable timber in Australia, and how to make sure the wood you use for your build is as responsible as possible.

Timber is a controversial material among environmentally conscious builders, architects and consumers. While many rightly favour it as it’s a renewable resource that sequesters carbon, the role of timber harvesting in deforestation and habitat loss around the world is indisputable. But getting rid of timber entirely is not possible or desirable in most of our builds. What are sustainability-minded consumers to do?

…whichever timber you choose, a short, transparent supply chain makes the difference towards ensuring it’s sustainable. One good example of this philosophy in action is CERES Fair Wood, a not-for-profit in Melbourne, which connects sustainably-minded consumers with local farm foresters and small salvage sawmillers who sometimes need help finding a market for their wood (see ‘Fair dinkum wood’ in Sanctuary 44)



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