About Fair Wood

About Fair Wood

We are led by a social and environmental mission: 

To connect Australian farm foresters and sawmillers with socially and environmentally conscious consumers through a robust and transparent brand.

To educate the Australian community on sourcing ecologically sustainable and ethically sourced timber. 

Inspired by timber sourcing standards created for Melbourne’s Mullum Creek Development CERES Fair Wood is growing from the success of CERES Fair Food, a project which connects over 100 organic food producers with Melbourne customers

We support farm forested and other well managed timber sources by connecting timber buyers to small scale growers and millers

With our short and transparent supply chains we aim to make choosing sustainable timber easier.  We know where all of our timber comes from and we are often able to tell you its exact source and history.  This is our difference. When you buy timber from us please ask us to tell you it’s story.

We might be a new business, but we are founded on old fashioned competence and excellent customer service.  Within our team we have architects, project, construction and production managers, foresters, sustainability experts and experienced business people.  Talk to us about your timber project, you may be surprised by the level of experience we can bring to the table.

photograph of radial milling in action, log being milled using machinery
Photo showing CERES Fair Wood decking click here for more information