Screening Battens – Cypress Macrocarpa

Botanical name: Cupresses Macrocarpa

Cypress Pine screening battens, grown on an ecologically well-managed plantation in Victoria.

Dimensions: 60x40mm at mixed lengths

Finish: Rough sawn

Price: $2.70/lm

Cypress Macrocarpa is also known as Californian Cypress, Monterey Cypress, Macrocarpa Cypress and Golden Cypress among other names and depending upon who you talk to. We sell it with the Macrocarpa included in the name to differentiate it from Australian native Cypress (Callitris), which is a different timber with a different sustainability status and different properties, and to make it clear exactly what we are selling.

It is an extremely stable timber – remarkably so if you are used to the volatility of eucalypts, and is commonly used for outdoor applications like pergolas, veggie boxes and building cladding. We always have a some of this in stock and can source to your order on short lead times. Its stability means it is commonly used unseasoned.