Custom Products


Fair Wood works with small scale farmers, saw millers and salvaged timber suppliers so we can offer custom products to your exact specification.

Structural Timber

Do you want structural Cypress Macrocarpa (Golden Cypress) or Radiata pine in unusual sizes for post and beam construction? Or structural hardwood in a range of species? We can do this in a few weeks.

Internal & External Timber

On longer lead times we can produce internal linings, customise cladding, decking and flooring, in a range of species or get you some one-off landscape timbers.

Larger Orders

Are you on a large project and working towards Green Star, ISCA or other certification? Fair Wood can work with you to deliver larger scale orders that can meet sustainable sourcing criteria and  your social procurement requirements.

Fair Wood Expertise

The Fair Wood network includes experienced production and construction managers, architects, foresters and accredited sustainability experts, all ready to help with your project.